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Sunday Auctions List: 23-October-2016

Announcement from .IN Auctions Group. ? Finalised list of names for the auction this Sunday. Some awesome names to feast your bids on! Not to be missed. MKQ.IN Final order will be posted tomorrow. Updated 00:00 AM 23-Oct-2016 Legal Disclaimer: is a .IN / Indian domain names dedicated blog. is …

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Sunday Auctions Results – 16-Oct-2016

Today’s .IN Domain Names Auctions are completed as per plan , multiple bidders participated at the live auction which takes place every Sunday 16:00 PM UTC in Whatsapp Group, witnessed fierce battle between bidders for some of the high quality unique domain names. 9 Unique domain names and one package of 4 domain names were on offer on today ranging …

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Sunday Auctions List: 16-October-2016

Announcement from .IN Auctions Mod group: Ok, ladies (how many do we actually have in this group?) and gents… we’ve decided on the list for tomorrow… this is NOT in final order.We will announce the order later. It’s more important that we give you visibility of the names selected so you can start promoting them and getting the sales pitches …

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Sunday Auctions Results – 09-Oct-2016

Today’s .IN Domain Names Auctions are completed as per plan , several participants are bid as expected on the 14 domain names listed for today’s auction. This time auction winners are the clear winners of the game, there are many good buys reported this time. Overall 14 domains has fetched 2255 USD, an average sale price of 161 USD per …

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Sunday Auctions List: 09-October-2016

.IN Auctions Mod group has expressed a big thank you for submitting .in Domain names. The selection process is tough, lots of good quality names but unfortunately, not all could make it. Some may be considered for next week and start after this auction , mod team would like build a backlog of 2 weeks worth of auction lists. Following …

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October 2016 – drop List

Domain Name:  Registration Year: End Date: 2015 03-10-16 2011 07-10-16 2006 09-10-16 2005 19-10-16 2014 19-10-16 2006 22-10-16 2014 25-10-16

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October 2016 – and Drop Lists

2 and 76 names are dropping in October 2016 and the same are listed below. DomainName End Date Category 02-10-16 02-10-16 02-10-16 02-10-16 02-10-16 03-10-16 03-10-16 04-10-16 04-10-16 04-10-16 05-10-16 05-10-16 06-10-16 …

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Sunday Auctions List – 02-October-2016

Legal Disclaimer: is a .IN / Indian domain names dedicated blog. is committed to cover all the news and updates related to .IN / Indian domain names.. has no direct association with the .IN auctions group possibly some of authors may play a role in auctions group in their individual capacities. is only striving to …

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Its Universal truth, several companies are spending loads of money to acquire new customers and Reliance Jio as a company is spending billions of dollars to gain new subscribers. At the same time of Reliance Jio commercial launch, Mr. Mukesh Ambani announced that the company was targeted to get 100 million subscribers by the end of 2016. One hand Reliance …

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.IN Auctions Group Rules

Legal Disclaimer: This article is focusing on the .IN Auctions group rules, we are just sharing here for the quick reference to the readers.  Please note has no association with either or Whatsapp groups (managed by .IN registrants community) , some of our authors may involve in their individual capacity as .IN enthusiasts however as a …

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